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24 July 2024, 9:28 AM

Anti-Kannada MES & Shiv Sena OrganizationInsist on banning,

For all the above reasons, staying in Karnataka, living in tranquility and enjoying all the facilities of the Karnataka, against Karnataka, Kannadigara, Kannada language, government here.  They are lashing out, including hating, spreading language hatred, defying the dictatorial attitude of the union system and making fun of the Karnataka government in the assembly.  Now, going a step further, Kannadigara is burning the Kannada flag, a symbol of Kannadigara’s self-esteem.  All of this is due to the fact that governments have been mildly biased towards them.  It lends credence to the government, not to take action against the anti-Kannada protesters, but to attack the pro-Kannada activists of the Kannadigas.  Karave is calling on all Kannadigas to release the detained pro-Kannada fighters and take appropriate action against the Popera who has filed a lawsuit, and forbidding the MES and Shiv Sena organizations from running anti-Kannada Chattuva for an indefinite period.
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