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24 July 2024, 7:21 AM


DK Shivakumar Uturn within 48 hours! HDK-CPY strategy in Channapatnam threatened by Kanakapura Bande?
DK Shivakumar U-Turn In Channapatna : As former CM HD Kumaraswamy enters national politics, politics is in full swing in Ramanagara district. It was said that DCM DK Shivakumar will contest in the by-election to the Channapatna Assembly constituency, which has been vacated by HDK’s resignation. He himself had indirectly hinted that I would contest in Channapatnam. But, everything changed in just 48 hours, DK Sivakumar withdrew from the arena.


What is the reason for this? Here is an explanation about that.
DK Sivakumar hit Uturn in 48 hours

Can Kanakapur Bande threaten HDK-CPY strategy in Channapatnam?
Why did DK Sivakumar withdraw from the Channapatnam contest?

Bengaluru: Did you know that Channapatnam JDS MLA HD Kumaraswamy is the Union Minister as Mandya MP. Now a by-election can be announced for that constituency at any moment. In this background, DCM DK Shivakumar entered the politics of Channapatnam. Kanakapur Bande DK Shivakumar was said to be the Congress candidate from Channapatnam. DK, who had said that he would ask for his vote to support it, also did a temple run in Channapatnam. But, in just 48 hours, DK Shivakumar has hit Uturn.

While HD Kumaraswamy resigned from the MLA seat of Channapatna constituency, DK Shivakumar’s name was heard for that constituency. There were rumors that DK to Channapatna and DK Suresh to Kanakapur. However, DK Shivakumar has now made a u-turn and has ruled out the possibility of his contesting in Channapatnam. Why should the by-election be held in Kanakapura? By saying that I am an MLA from Kanakapura, he has put a curtain on all the rumours.

Apart from that, I am the state president of the Congress party, I have the responsibility to win the party there. He also told me that since this is my area, I have traveled in Channapatnam. However, within two days, DK Shivakumar’s words have changed. On this Wednesday, DK Shivakumar conducted a temple run in Channapatnam. Also I ask for vote for me. He said that competition is inevitable if the people and the high command want it.
What are the reasons for DK Shivakumar Uturn?
By doing a temple run in Channapatna, he observed the situation in the constituency and tried to prepare the stage for the election. However, it is said that DK Shivakumar has come to realize that there is no favorable atmosphere in Channapatna. Therefore, it is said that DK Shivakumar has withdrawn from the decision to contest in Channapatna.
At present, Congress has no claimable base in Channapatna. There was a fight between BJP and JDS here. However, now that JDS and BJP have formed an alliance, it is being said that the candidate of the alliance is likely to win easily. DK Shivakumar’s brother DK Suresh defeated Suresh in Bengaluru rural constituency where BJP and JDS alliance was successful. It is said that DK Sivakumar has doubts about defeating BJP-JDS, which is strong in Channapatnam, due to this background.
If we look at last year’s assembly elections, the votes received by the Congress candidate in Channapatnam were 15 thousand. That too when there is a guarantee wave. Then HD Kumaraswamy from JDS and CP Yogeshwar from BJP fought. But, now these two rivals have united. It is also said that there is no favorable environment for Congress. Everyone knows that CP Yogeshwar and HD Kumaraswamy are experts in political strategy. Those who know the politics of Channapatna know that it is not difficult for DK to lose if the two are one.

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Break from the Congress High Command!

Apart from that, there is information that the Congress High Command has put a brake on DK Shivakumar’s Bhanda saga. It is said that the Congress high command and DK’s aides have told DK Shivakumar not to take a decision like contesting in Channapatna due to the huge risk involved. Kanakapur Bande is said to have withdrawn from the contest in Channapatna for the same reason. According to an information, DK Suresh is also not contesting in Channapatna. It is said that DK Suresh, who has just lost in the Lok Sabha elections, is not ready to take another risk. CP Yogeshwar gave a warning! Similarly, if BJP leader CP Yogeshwar DK Shivakumar comes to Channapatna, his politics will end. He warned that the people would teach him a lesson. Besides, there is a fierce rivalry between HD Kumaraswamy and DK Shivakumar for the leadership of Okkaliga. It was also seen in this Lok Sabha election. However, everyone knows that HDK has prevailed in this competition.

Who from BJP – JDS? Now, the question of who will contest from BJP and JDS alliance is very big. Nikhil Kumaraswamy from JDS and CP Yogeshwar from BJP are in the race. HDK has been wondering if he will choose his former rival as his successor or his own son. As CP Yogeshwar has a firm hold in Channapatnam, his name is likely to be almost finalized for the by-election.

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