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24 July 2024, 7:36 AM


Bengaluru 6 Dec. Truth Age Council Elections For Our Justice Equality Forgiveness to Large Humanity, This Biggest Humanity Grows Up To Be A True Serving Organization Only When Some Candidates Are elected . Loss of salary bribes, looting of property of  crores of land, and making others pay their pockets and exploit the political spectrum.   Benefits for the Poor of the Community  They have made a mistake and are running for re-election. Village Executive Committee members (Director)  Matadolla sold land to a North Indian foreign Aryan baniya (Vaisya) Salkar Puri, using the 115-year-old union leader as a broker for thousands of years, as humanitarian tactics on the community, to cover up the party’s irregularities and cover up the irregularities of the party.  The Manuvanthi conspirators have taken hold of the Sangha.  We see a voter asking for change and there is a new group of syndicates to come and compete.  The RSS BJP’s equal arrangement with the RSS BJP may be well-trusted by the humanitarian brokers to protest Malliah’s team when it was launched.  Dr. Anjanappa’s team has stood by BJP’s Dr Ashwath Narayana’s work, and what else can the Yallamana fair offer Modtiro Candidates for justice?  I want to hear that they should be rejected and defeated.  There is no fight against the irregularities of the BJP Congress JDS party.  Still, it is not good for the community, for the community, for the workers of the Sangh.5. Jayakumar Gowda – Deve Gowda has great respect for you  , Not abused.  If you have forgotten, remember, you competed in the teaching field and wrote and posted a fake blacklist. I was the one who helped me.  Puttanna won as an MLC and still bothers me to this day, HVR layout from Vijayanagar.  Honor you a good position. I feel like a prolific MLC. Tens of thousands of complaints about you are commonplace in politics. I know your political machinations.  I have not come to you, but you can write and say that I am MLC my team.  I am not going to promote myself. I do not have the money to corrupt you.  Such a corrupt scandal is a long time, but I am the one who grew up with your struggle.  Horadta should be voted for our society, for justice, for society and for justice.  World Humans 14 Kamakshi, BS, 27 Chandrasekhar, MS, 30 Channappa, 35, R. Jaikumar Gowda 42 Dhananjaya, 73 Dr Banu Prakash A.S.  87 Mahesh D, 101 Ramakrishna M, 108 n.  Vijayalakshmi, 134 Somashekhar Gowda 136 Honeyor Chandregauda Dr |  BANU PRAKASH AS 8197818581, 9241204659, 211206

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