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24 July 2024, 8:33 AM

Timely screening is very important to avoid end stage renal failure – Doctors

Over 200 local residents participate in free kidney screening camp in Hisar

Fortis Hospital Gurugram organises free kidney screening camp at Geetanjali Hospital Hisar

·       34 patients (17%) had some protein in the urine which is indicative of kidney disorder.

·       Timely screening is very important to avoid end stage renal failure – Doctors

With significant rise in the incidences of renal failure due to Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) there is an urgent need to raise awareness among the masses. In view of the same Fortis Hospital, Gurugram organised a free kidney screening camp at Geetanjali Hospital, Hisar, on the occasion of World Kidney Day.

The camp saw a huge participation of over 200 local residents, who were thoroughly screened for renal ailments through blood and urine tests. Kidney failure or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a progressive disease that occurs when the kidneys are unable to filter the waste and toxins from the bloodstream irreversibly, over a period of time. Though the condition is incurable, with timely detection and early treatment, progression of the disease can be slowed down.

Of the total patients screened at the camp, around 34 (17%) of them were indicative of onset of kidney disorders as the test results revealed additional amounts of protein in their urine samples. Around 60 of them were diabetic, 45 hypertensive and 55 of them suffered from both diabetes and hypertension, which is a major risk factor for development of kidney disease.

“While the major risk factors adding on the burden of kidney disease in India include diabetes and hypertension, attributing to over 60% of the cases of CKD, and with such an alarming rise, the prevalence is expected to grow further. Cases of Chronic Kidney disease needs to be diagnosed at early stages for early treatment and effective management through medications. Devoid of timey screening, many patients present with advanced progression and at later stages where dialysis or renal transplant remains the last resort.” Said Dr Salil Jain, Director & HOD, Nephrology and Kidney Transplant, Fortis Hospital, Gurugram

Lack of awareness about this disease is one of the major factors contributing to the irreversible morbidity and mortality, making this the most under-reported and under-recognized ailments in India. As per the recent data provided by the CKD registry India, around 17.4% of the population suffers from CKD and approx. 2 lakh new patients are registered annually. It is estimated that around 10,000 to 12,000 patients get treatment in the form of dialysis and transplant and rest do not survive due to lack of infrastructure, awareness and finance. Thus, masses should be made aware that with timely detection, and advanced treatment modules in the field of nephrology, management of this disease can curb down the morbidity and mortality rate.

In order to prevent significant mortality and morbidity associated with kidney disease, it is important to undergo regular screening, with special focus on patients with diabetes, hypertension and those with family history of stone disease and Urinary tract infections.

“This huge gap can be minimized by more screening camps and getting hold of patients at an early stage and preventing them from reaching end kidney stage disease. End-stage kidney failures are only controlled by dialysis or kidney transplant. In comparison to a dialysis, transplant is definitely a better option in terms of quality and quantity of life as it improves the longevity, freedom of patients and the overall quality of life. If kidney diseases are treated timely, patients do not suffer from anaemia and the chances of stroke and heart disease in such patients is less as compared to the patients on dialysis.”  Added Dr Jain.

To raise awareness and to reach the patients and offer best of advanced clinical services, Fortis Hospital Gurugram is already running their OPD’s in Bhiwadi, Rewari and Gurgaon and are planning to open new centres in Alwar, Bhiwani, Jind and Palwal.

“We are happy to be associated with Fortis Hospital Gurugram to organize this camp with the aim to aware the masses pertaining to kidney problems. Such camps and health sessions help the people to receive consultations from the best experts in the medicine field. We would like to thank doctors and the entire team from the hospital for taking the extra effort for the welfare of the society by providing its services. We are overwhelmed to see the response of our society.” Said Dr Kamal Kishore, Director, Geetanjali Hospital, Hisar

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