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24 July 2024, 8:24 AM

Anvayaa Expands footprints in Karnataka

Ms. Vinaya Prasad popular Indian Actress launches ‘Anvayaa Nischint – A Healthy & stress free living for employees & elders

Bengaluru: 23rd November 2022: Anvayaa, India’s first and only IoT and AI tech-based 360O personalized elderly care platform in the country, expands its footprints in Karnataka by serving over 500 families in Bengaluru and launching operations in Mysuru and Mangalore. Anvayaa is a unique platform that synergizes the disruptive use of technology along with personalization through a network of Care Managers, 24×7 Care Coordinator support, and a network of over 350 verified and trusted partners providing proactive and predictive healthcare, household, travel & leisure, legal, and companionship assistance that makes their life easy for elders and brings peace of mind to their family.

There is a rapid increase in the requirement for focused elder care services as the younger population migrates from smaller cities to major towns or even abroad for better opportunities, leaving the elders alone. In Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Mangalore, especially, children are unable to visit their parents due to long distances, and work requirements, resulting in a need for specialized elder care services. Mysore has about 1,45,000 elderly people living alone, while Mangalore has about 84,000 elderly people living alone. The tech-enabled personalized service model of Anvayaa can provide a plethora of services to lonely elders including regular and emergency health care support, support with daily activities, and forming virtual communities for socialization and companionship, which can be accessed and monitored by their family. Anvayaa has also tied up with ambulance providers Sanjaveeni and Stanplus, which are providing reliable and efficient ambulance services to ensure round-the-clock services. Anvayaa tech platform has enabled users in ways such as ambulances can be allocated to the elderly from the closest possible location making the entire process quicker, traceable, and trackable.

To expand the service offerings, Anvayaa, launched ‘Anvayaa Nischint – A Healthy & stress free living for employees & elders, in the presence of Ms. Vinaya Prasad popular Indian Actress. This helps companies to subscribe to Anvayaa’s elder care services for their employees’ families. This is designed to serve the need of the employers to start thinking beyond the employees and take a deeper look at the family health needs, particularly of their parents, and elderly care is one important area. ‘Anvayaa Nischint’ relieves the employees of their concern for their parent’s physical and emotional well-being and allows them to focus on work as the tech-enabled Anvayaa platform keeps them updated about their parent’s well-being which is monitored by experts.

Mr. Prashanth Reddy, Founder, and Managing Director, Anvayaa Kin-Care Pvt Ltd. said, “Anvayaa has gained national and international recognition for providing efficient services to seniors. Over the past four years, we have provided compassionate services to senior citizens in Bengaluru. Our Care Managers assist more than 500 families with companionship, health-care support, tech instructions, and assistance with shopping and other errands, and have been well received by the Elders. To further strengthen and streamline the operations in Karnataka we have set up a new office at Indira Nagar in Bangalore. With the changes in the social setup, more nuclear families with lonely elders, services like Anvayaa might provide a much-needed solution.”

Mr. Reddy further added. “In the next phase of growth, Anvayaa is spreading its operations to tier 2 & tier 3 cities like Mysore and Mangalore. The company presently serves over 10,000 families across 25 cities in India. We plan to extend its presence in 100 cities serving over 1,00,000 families with an investment of USD 1 Million in the next 3-5 years. We currently provide opportunities to 200 full-time employees (FTF) across the country which is expected to increase to 1000 FTF. We also plan to continuously innovate and develop wearables for better monitoring of elders’ health and mobility. Our patent pending Technology platform Anvayaa’s Smart Emergency Response System (ASERS) believes in the optimal use of technology solutions to be able to provide ‘Proactive care versus Reactive care’. ASERS is designed to monitor elders remotely. It constantly monitors health vitals and detects falls., and much more to provide a comprehensive view of the individual and facilitate proactive care, while at home.”

Anvayaa has handled over 350+ medical emergencies and provided immediate logistic support (response time of under 3 minutes) to the elderly to get access to healthcare in time as a result of which Anvayaa was able to save 97% of lives.

Serves over 500 families in Bengaluru and begins operations in Mysuru and Mangalore.

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