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24 July 2024, 9:08 AM

Sir.M. 100 year celebration of the building built by Visvesvaraya

Sir.M.  100 year celebration of the building built by Visvesvaraya VV Puram building festival started Uday B for the VV Puram festival.  Garudachar gave the drive.  is the year of construction and a festive atmosphere has been created.  Ella Medini Garudachar, the founder of Garuda Foundation said, “Sir M. V. is the color of discipline, rule, business and cultural programs, MLA Uday B. Garudachar, ” In the VV Puram in Bengaluru, opportunity has been provided for cultural and religious people to trade.  Every year, VV Puram has made its own contribution to the festival. We will celebrate it in a grand manner. In the future, VV Puram will be able to realize the achievement of Visvesvaraya’s life without any dispute to do business freely, said VV Puram.  The festival was launched. 100).The festival will be held on Sunday as well. Two days are being celebrated as VV Puram festival for the first time on the occasion of the centenary celebration of VV Puram, which was planned and built by Sir M.Visveswaraiah himself.  Rangoli competition, honor programs for accomplished senior citizens are organized.Festival for Bangalore city history.  It is being celebrated to give shine.  Launched the program

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