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24 July 2024, 8:12 AM

LPG, electricity is not required, this stove will help in cooking food without spending

People are shaken by the daily increase in the price of essential items.  Gas cylinder and electricity prices are also no exception to this.  But, here’s a simple way you can make food for life for free with a one-time investment

Solar Stove: People are distressed due to rising prices of essential items day by day.  LPG prices have also crossed the thousand mark and people are panicking.  Some people use induction stoves to save gas cylinders.  However, this will increase the electricity bill rate.  But, in this expensive world, you can cook for life for free by making a one-time investment.  For this, you need neither a gas cylinder nor an electric stove.



Yes, the government has introduced a special technology for this.  Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has introduced a solar stove named Surya Nutan.  Completely different from the old solar stoves, this solar stove does not need to be placed on the roof or in the sun.  It can be easily installed in the kitchen itself.  Another feature of this is that it looks like a normal stove.  If you spend just 12 thousand rupees once and buy a solar cooker, you can cook food for free for the lifetime of your pet.

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Surya Nutan Solar Stove Features:
>> Surya Nutan Solar Stove is different from other solar stoves.
>> Two units are available in this oven.
>> One of its units will be installed in the kitchen.
>> Another unit of this will be placed in the sun.
>> Its main feature is that you can use it even at night.

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Surya Nutan Stove Price:
The Surya Nutan Solar Stove is available in two variants, one of which is priced at Rs 12,000.  Its top variant is priced at Rs 23,000.  However, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) has not yet introduced it to the market.  It is expected to be made available for sale by Indian Oil Gas Agency and petrol pumps soon.

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