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22 May 2024, 7:16 AM

Pancha Ratna Yatra Enters Record Books: Garlands to H.D Kumaraswamy during yatra enters Asia Book of Records and India Book of records

Exotic Garlands to H.D Kumaraswamy during yatra enters Asia Book of Records and India Book of records

Pancha Ratna Yatra Enters Record Books:

Adjudicators meet former CM during his Grama Vastvya (village stay) and issue certificates and medals

HDK dedicated the records to the people of the state and his party workers
TUMAKURU: The garlands that former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy was felicitated during his ongoing Pancha Ratna Yatra have entered books of records.
Kumaraswamy began his Yatra on November 18. During his visits, the JD(S) leader was welcomed with unique, exotic and giant garlands weighing hundreds of kilos by using mechanic cranes by party workers and leaders.

Pancha Ratna Yatra is a prelude to the ensuing Assembly elections where the JD(S) leader is meeting people to express party’s commitment to provide free education, health, housing, employment and farmer’s welfare if they are voted to power.

On Thursday night, Kumaraswamy stayed in Yellapur village in Tumakuru Rural Assembly Constituency where adjudicators Mohit kumar Vats from the Asia Book of Records and Harish R from India Book of Records met the former chief minister and handed over the certificates and medals acknowledging the records.

Speaking on the occasion, Mohit Kumar Vats, expressed delight about this record, describing it as a special and one-of-a-kind. He said it was the first time a politician was being honored on such a large scale, and the farmers created huge garlands of pulses to welcome him.

“We are always on the lookout for such new records. During the Pancharatna Rath Yatra held in the Devanahalli assembly constituency, we received information about heavy garlands made from crops to welcome and honour Kumaraswamy. Since then, we have personally tracked this phenomenon. Yesterday we toured the Tumkur rural area along with the Rath Yatra,” Mohit Kumar Vats said.
He said that Kumaraswamy was the only person who has been honoured with such huge, distinctive garlands.

HDK Dedicates to farmers:

Speaking after receiving the medal and certificates, a surprised Kumaraswamy said he would dedicate the record honour to farmers and party workers of Karnataka.

“Wherever I went during Rath Yatra, people welcomed me with immense love. They welcomed me with huge garlands. This record was possible only because of peoples love and affection. Therefore, the credit for all these records should be given to them,’’ said an emotionally choked Kumaraswamy said.
On Friday, the Pancha Ratna Yatra has completed 34 days. “I am happy that the garlands prepared by the people to welcome me have entered records in the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records,’’ he said.

In the last 34 days since the Yatra began, Kumaraswamy has received more than 500 unique garlands which were lifted using mechanic cranes. On Thursday, the former Chief Minister was honored with more than 30 huge garlands in Tumkur Rural Constituency alone.

These include apple garlands, cucumber, coconut, and sugarcane garlands, coin garlands, wooden ploughs, JDS symbol garlands, tiara garland, rakhi garlands specially made by women, Guluru Karjikayi garland, various vegetable garlands, LED lights garland among others.

Tumakuru Rural JD(S) MLA MLA Gaurishankar, MLC Bhoje Gowda and Tumakuru district JDS president Anjinappa among others were present.

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