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15 June 2024, 14:00 PM

A Teaching & Technology Revolution that is going to change learning in India

The discontinuation of classroom learning due to COVID-19 lock down is bound to impact the nation’s 200 million student community negatively, if educational institutions and the government do not proactively change the standard methodology of teaching asap.


A beginning has already been made by some schools and institutions, who have quickly embraced e-learning solutions that have the potential to reboot and reset the Indian Educational system. Caution should be taken while embracing new technology so that they are not quick fix solutions and will not lead to any sustainable learning outcomes.


Manipal Technologies Limited (MTL), one of India’s most trusted print and technology major, had forayed into online learning solutions way back in 2015. Partnering with the largest Kenya based publisher Longhorn Publisher PLC, MTL had developed and implemented the Longhorn Learning Platform across 150+ institutes in Kenya, that benefits over 250 thousand students. The learning management platform was built considering the poor and low internet connectivity.


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