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15 June 2024, 13:59 PM


Mr. Krishnachar Secretary, S. Lokanathachari Secretary, E. Rajachaar Anekal Tq president, Ananda Lakshmappa, District president Yadagiri, Jagadish, Dasarahalli youth, Sundar, Mureshra, Vasanta murali RV. Bhagyamma, Women president Shivanagar, B. M Latha Manjunath, Shivanagar speaking to press person at press Club in Bengaluru recently.

Bengalur. Vishwakarma Loot President Babu Pattara. It is well known that the State Government has set up the Vishwakarma Development Corporation for the development of the poor who make the five- work corporatioin the Vishwakarma society.  It is a shame that Babu Pattara, the current president of the Vishwakarma Development Corporation, has risen to the fence and plundered a small subsidized development corporation.

  Babu Pattara pressurized the officials of Vishwakarma Development Corporation and abused their powers by appointing Chandrasekhar as their secretariat on 30-06-2021 and Uma, alias Uma, on 19-07-2021.  Ordered to appoint as applicable to -2020.  According to the order, the Managing Director of the corporation has been given Rs.  27,000 / – as: The amount of Rs.  And Dalaiat Uma has been given Rs.  The money goes to a bank account but Dad’s secretary Chandrashekhar attended work from April.  .  Uma’s money is also a kickback to Babu Pattara, to be sure.  When we applied to the Right to Information Office for this matter, he wandered for three consecutive months without proper documentation.  Managing Directors Dated 30/10/2021 Attendance of Staff Branch We do not have the affidavit given by the Advisory Branch, but the same Managing Director has informed the attendance of Babu Pattara at the end of each month from November to date.  : Given to us on 15/12/2021, but this sleazy Babu Pattara does not include the numbers (javaska) which are to be sent to each of the letters in the note prepared by me for information.  Babu Pattara’s plot to plunder the corporation’s money is no better.  If staff were present at the adjacent branch, there would be every candidate who physically signed the attendance.  On the basis of this, the Managing Director had to pay salaries to the staff, without doing so, Babu Pattara was involved in plundering the Vishwakarma Development Corporation by abusing power.  As for his travel allowance, there is no travel information for May, June or July, according to the documents provided by the office.  However, Batu Pattara had misappropriated Rs.  72,239 – Kikback received

Continued Dated 11/01/2021 A Lenovo company has arrested a computer in his office for Rs.  According to the documents, Babu Pattara was robbed of this money by paying duplicate bills of Rs. 80,063 / -.  Sneha Enterprises, which has no business with its business, has paid Rs.  It has also been kicked off with a sum of Rs. 80,063 / -.  When inquired at the tax office, Sneha Enterprises said that no computer sold GST tax invoices were available, and that the illegal thrills of Babu’s pro for this money also means that the computer in the bill of the computer that he has purchased is only Rs.  54,100 / -.  Several computer store owners have reported that the price was still lower in January.  There are reports that the corporation’s office has purchased two more computers, including information that has been breached, which should also be investigated.  There is still a renovation of the office and there are complaints about Babu Pattara receiving kickbacks which should also be investigated.  If he continues to pretend to be Gokamukha Vaghan that he will develop Vishwakarma through the Vishwakarma Development Corporation, there is no doubt that the person will do more illegal transactions in the post of President for another day.  I urge the Honorable Chief Ministers on behalf of the society that the government should be alerted and immediately dismissed by the Vishwakarma Development Corporation before this person is completely destroyed.  The government has been persuaded by the government that by Monday, if the government continues, it will be held in front of the office of the corporation.  Afterwards salute their beloved.

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