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15 June 2024, 12:19 PM


Leader ship of KDOF Mr.Channa krishnappa Karnataka dalit Organisations protesting against Mallikarjuna Gowda infront of Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: Alliance of Dalit Organizations of Karnataka Speak India: “Silent protest” Dear country lovers: The entire country honored the 73rd day of democracy on January 26, the holy day of constitutional enactment.  Mr. Channa krishnappa Leader of Karnataka Dalit Organisation Federations “It is customary to commemorate the great history of the whole of India, including honoring and honoring many other great men who worked hard for this cause, but it was the state of Karunaratna’s day at the national level that made Mallikarjuna Gowda a foolish and treacherous act.  It is common knowledge that a photo of the Lord should be kept” he said.  This photo of a responsible person in the position of Justice is a great insult to the Constitution of our country and the fact that he is a humanist, suffering from caste disease.  Ambedkar’s photo is not an order from the judiciary while talking to Dalit leaders about this incident.  of Karnataka) The judge did not read the circular copy…?  Does a District Judge know what the Circular Number (ED 107 STT 2019 Ba-1) issued by the then Government on 23-01-2020 …?  In the above circular and government circulars, there is a clear direction for the photo of Baba Saheb Ambedkar to be made mandatory during the Republic Day ceremony, but is he not aware of this …  Even though Baba Saheb’s egalitarianism, the humanitarianism that is equal to the government and the government of the whole community is hindered …  Or is Baba Saheb, a constitutional sculptor … born in an untouchable society?  It is a good question that Baba Saheb, the great country lover who devoted his whole life to the people of this country, not just for his own health, but for all the people of this country, for the whole of India, continued to build the equal justice .Such humiliation for the great humanist, who gave himself to the Constitution, which he devoted himself to and admired by the whole world, is a disgrace to the country, and an insult to this country.  Never can this be forgiven for being country lovers.  Our solid court hearing, which already has to be filed in this case, is also up for debate.  The events themselves are testimony.  The fact that our people’s representatives who are in debt of Baba Saheb and enjoying the full benefits of the country’s solid constitution are not in the limelight when they are confronted with their selfish achievements is a testament to their slavery.  The casteist Mallikarjuna Gowda should have been arrested in a case of treason as he worked the way and all were equal before the law.  He had to be dismissed from the post of a solid judge.  This system is for anyone …  And Mallikarjuna’s Gowda is bigger than the law ..?  That’s the question.  If you see the descent of Mallikarjuna Gowda (Lingayatu Gowda) who is in a responsible position and defends it even though it is wrong … this person has to be questioned by the conscious civil society of this country.  The law needs to be protected.  This is because the casteism of this caste has been persecuted on all fronts.  Conflict war between caste and creed, the wish of the Constitution is to go down.  To blind our ears, deaf, deaf …  In addition to being arrested in a case of betrayal, this mannequin has staged an innovative silence protest in India, demanding that the judicial system be rescheduled and all judgments issued.  Jaya Bheem Jai Constitution – Jai Bharat

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