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15 June 2024, 12:10 PM

Distribution of 900 Houses to Beneficiaries by Chief Ministers on 10th March: Minister V Somanna

Bengaluru : Minister V Somanna has announced that 900 houses being built by Rajiv Ghandhi Housing Corporation in Bangalore Yelahanka constituency will be distributed to eligible beneficiaries by Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai on Monday.  Speaking after inspecting the multi-storeyed buildings in your Yelahanka Sadanahalli, Agraharapalaya and Pillalalli, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that under the concept of ‘house for poor’, one lakh multi-storeyed multi-storeyed Bangalore housing project in 2016-17 and 2017-18 will be worth Rs 600 crore.  Had been released.  BS Yeddyurappa has taken over 535 acres of land in Bangalore city and Urban district after he became chief minister and has taken over 16,000 houses.  The first phase of 900 houses in Yelahanka will be completed soon, he said.  He said the chief ministers would qualify for more than 900 houses, .  The work will be completed and distributed to eligible poor. ”  More than 15 thousand tasks in the Yelhanka field for those who are not quick.  That is. 

Homes for Rs 5 Lakhs: Houses are being built by the Department of Housing to provide houses for eligible poor people including laborers, auto drivers, garment workers, builders and street vendors.  Must be paid.  Those who have already applied and got selected, will get Rs 1 lakh.  Has built.  The rest of the money must be paid to the banks as specified by the Housing Department.  6% to provide a loan facility in the bank.  Interest has been appealed to in some banks.  He said the bank has requested for a 20-year grace period on the company’s terms.  No more than 5 lakhs house: Annual income of home purchase is 87, thousand houses are being built.  Rs.  Were assigned to the.  However, Basavaraja Bommai, who owns 54,000 houses, will be provided with an income of Rs 3 lakh per annum after taking up the housing of CM.  However, the government has proven that the BJP has done just that by building 1 houses in the city.  Those who have bought residential houses should not sell to anyone for at least 5 years.  For a family of poor.  All the information will be made available to the government by Aadhaar card pairing.  Bangalore Development Authority chairman and Yelahanka legislator SR Vishwanath, Managing Director of the board US Basavaraju, chief cheerleader Chitra Cheyya and others were present.

For those who have a lower annual income, the average annual income for a home purchase is Rs. 87,000.  , Was assigned to.  However, Basavaraja Bommai’s annual income after becoming CM is Rs 3 lakh.  However, they have been allowed to apply for housing.  Minister Somanna asserted that the BJP has proven to be a govt government by building 1 lakh houses in the city.Homes of Rs 5 lakhs are being provided to the needy by the Housing Department, along with mercenaries, auto drivers, garment workers and street vendors.  5.5 lakhs of ordinary class people.  And the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will receive Rs. 5 lakhs.  Must be paid.  Those who have already applied have already paid Rs 1 lakh and the rest should be paid to the banks as specified by the Housing Department.  Some banks have requested interest rate of 6% to provide loan facility in the bank.  The bank has requested the bank to issue a 20-year loan on an installment basis, the minister said.

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