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22 May 2024, 6:54 AM

The Mysore Power Loom Silk Manufacturers’ Co – Operative Society Ltd. protest against Excessive Rude Prices of Raw Silk, Issues Noise pollution department and issues of weavers

M  Lakshminarana president of TMPLSMCSL and power loom operators protest against excessive rude price at Mysore bank circle in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: The Mysore Power Loom Silk Manufacturers’ Co – Operative Society Ltd protested against Excessive Rude Prices of Raw Silk, Issues Noise Pollution Department and Issues of Weavers The above point is that M Lakshminarayana president of TMPLSMCSL “our organization was  Founded in the 1950s and has over ten thousand members, and our society is a community of loyalists.  Raw silk prices have risen sharply due to rising silk prices and poor sales of manufactured silk sarees.  We are therefore addressing the following issues of our members.  Most people depend on our country for their own sake.  And then the 2nd place weavers are dependent on our livelihood.  Many own capital without their own jobs.  The Central and State Governments have responded to the request with many privileges with the Weavers.  It is something that everyone knows.  Prices have risen in recent past: 1Kg The Raw Silk was around 3,000 rupees in the year 2021 and now it is around 6,000 rupees.  Many families depend on this work without the streets to save them.  Many people depend on silk life as a hard hit target.  The State of Karnataka has been a leading and major producer of raw silk yarn since its inception.  The silk industry is in verge of declining due to silk production declining Advanced Handloom ie Electricity, which has already run many handlooms and little electricity.  With little going on looms have stopped the cost of the manufactured goods being the right price without inconvenient.  The silk weaving industry, one of the most important poultry industries in the state of Karnataka, has been experiencing difficulties for many years” he said.  Depend on this industry Weavers are a great deal of pain.  Immigrants from other states and employment in places with new homes, are having trouble.  Noise Control Board for Unnecessary: Complaining and harassing.  As of now, the huge Bangalore Metropolitan Health Department has responded to complaints from neighbors and the cancellation of the Weaver’s ignition license on the Pollution Control Board.  The Noise Pollution Caused by Weavers Factories of Spells Less Than Noise The Roads on Vehicles.  Our Demands are as follows: 1. All weavers should be provided with reasonable prices at raw materials.  2. The government will enter the silk farming system and import the silk and distribute it to the weavers at reasonable prices.  3. Handloom reservation on Repeal the old law, which has been in force for nearly 35 years.  All these issues of relief for the government have been released to the date of Monday, 21/02/2022 at 11:00 am K. G Road, Near Mysore Bank Circle We Are Doing “Weavers Strike”

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