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23 May 2024, 18:46 PM


Bengaluru: 106-year-old Krishnaraja Odeyar and Sir M Vishweshwaraiah, Mysore sandal soap factory are accused of engaging in corruption in the Mysore Sandus Coat factory.  Fills the factory 1 06 years.  With the enduring efforts of Alika factory workers, contract workers and outsourced workers, the same government has also paid dividends for the daughter and chief ministers’ relief fund.  KSDM is constantly looted by the authorities.  All the IFS officials who came to Kamdi have done their best to promote the business without any hassle.  Mr. Mahesh Shiroor, Managing Director of the factory, IFS.  KSDL for him.  Vatala gave an account of this ongoing mana.  No action is taken.  In addition, all the trees of the KNPA’s governing body appealed for disciplinary action on one of the funds going on at KSIDL.  Recently, KSDL’s ruling Hijata Vanda said the factory had achieved a record-breaking record of Rs.  For the last 5 years in the factory, the contractor has not paid the bonus and the employee has not been paid the bonus for 3 years as per the new bonus act.  Karnataka’s government has to implement diseases as a public debt problem.  Maintaining the KSDM Cardinal Levels of Governance Implementation of Quality Management  grshivshankar @ redif1) KSDL  KSDL has been the norm in the recent past 2 years when buying perfumes in the factory is based on the rate of publishing in the Indian factory and publishing it in Furnumery magazine.  The ruling class bought sandalwood oil from middlemen from Australia.  The market rate of sandalwood oil in Indian Ferdummer Man from July 2021 to September 2021 is Rs 1,40,000 / – to Rs 1,50,000 / – per 1 kg.  But the KSDL is not.  The ruling class has bought sandalwood oil from Australia at Rs 2,49,899 / – per kg from Aditi International, Mumbai and Karnataka Aroma, Bangalore.  Recently the opposition has been talking about 40% commission every day.  The purchase of this sandalwood oil is an eyewitness account of the commission of over 100.  2) The statue of Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnarajendra Odeyar of Mysore is found in Bangalore KSTDL.  Decided to set up the factory premises.  Temple Arctic and Sculptor issued a quotation and said the statue would be made in Rs 12 lakhs.  But KSEDL is not the only one.  The ruling class Karnataka Rural Infrastructure Development Ltd, Bangalore has been ordered to make the statue for Rs 25 lakh.  The statue has got 13 lakh kickbacks so it’s not just 40% but 100%.  Attached documents are attached to it.  3) Karnataka Aroma and some other perfume suppliers have already sued KSDL in the High Court in KSDL.  Related documents are attached to it.  1) K.S.  & D.L.  The factory has to buy more than 450 crores of raw materials every year and KS.  Karnataka Aroma, Karnataka Chemical, Industrial  The Noodles & Sandals oil requirement of DL & DL has more than 250 crores of children’s twin companies, which has given rise to many types of Goal Malls.  There are some documents attached to it.  Cellphone Showroom  Written to Managing Directors, Industry Ministers, Chief Ministers, Members of the Governing Body on one of the scams at DL & DL, so far no action has been taken.  Already, on 22-12-2020, he appealed to the honorable chief ministers of the factory for corruption in the factory and ordered the government’s Gunjan Krishna Committee to investigate.  But they have not been adequately investigated.  A letter of appeal is attached to Basavaraja Bommayi, who is a well-known chief minister, is fully aware of the factories and should act appropriately in this regard..

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