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22 May 2024, 7:37 AM


Bengaluru: HMT,BEL,IIT including some government factory owned by private companies in Bangalore Former CM HD Kumaraswsmy said workers have been depriving workers of the benefits they need by outsourcing protection and security.  Speaking at the inauguration of Vijayasene labor unit as part of the Labor Day celebrations on the ground, he said Rs.  Despite money, it is not a life for the workers, ”said former CM HDK at the inauguration of the Vijayasena Labour Unit at the Bangaluru Palace grounds.  Kumaraswamy, Shri Kumara Chandrasekharanath Swamiji, Dr. TA, Saravanan and others participated and among others should provide justice and privilege.  The crops are not getting the district.  Urged the state government.  Intermediaries have taken to the street and stopped.  Governments like the President of Vijayasene N Dipak, spoke to the government.  Farmers are not getting the prices of their crops.  Our Governing Governments.  The President’s husbands of the labor unit, NL Ramaprasadgowda, businessman Nittur Prakash, Vice-President Dhananjaya Guruji and Vijayasene Badagere Basaveshwara Math .  Mahesh were present.  “Companies are buying labor and working as a self.”  Film actor Vasista simha said that the organized and unorganized workers were working in the same vein and working as a self.  The film actor spoke up and urged the state government to provide the same kind of justice and privilege to the labour organized and unorganized worker around the hero, the nation’s servant, rather than the kami thief.  Karunada Vijayasena President H S Deepak spoke to the fighters.  Farmers and workers of the property are happy.  Farmers grow up right from the center

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