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23 May 2024, 18:10 PM

Amway India unites consumers this International Yoga Day through a unique virtual health and wellness festival ·         In association with Ministry of AYUSH,

Bangalore , 23st June 2020: As the country continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by staying indoors, Amway India, one of the country’s leading direct selling FMCG company, commemorated the International Yoga Day by organizing a special digital health and wellness festival. In line with this year’s theme of ‘Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family’, Amway India presented a one-of-its-kind digital program over two days on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. The program was conceptualized by UNION and Red Carpet Entertainers, in association with Ministry of AYUSH, International Naturopathy Organization and Eat Right Foundation & School.

The two-day historic celebration brought together renowned yoga gurus, celebrities, health experts and policymakers on a single virtual platform. The virtual event was graced by leading personalities such as Bollywood actors Vivek Oberoi and Isha Koppikar; spiritual speakers such as Dr. David Frawley, Pundrik Goswami amongst others; Shri, Pawan Agarwal, Former CEO FSSAI; Mr. Prabodh Halde, Head of Regulatory, Marico; Sh. Anant Biradar, President INO amongst many others. The program witnessed an overwhelming response with health and wellness enthusiasts tuning in live during the International Yoga Day weekend.

Commenting on the initiative, Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway India said, “The world is facing one of the greatest challenges toward health and wellbeing today. At Amway, we strongly believe that smart healthcare provides unparallel value to human life. While yoga embodies unity of mind and body, we also need to focus on nutrition since, we are what we eat. As Prime Minister Modi has emphasized yoga is a means to both fitness and wellness and a symbol of universal aspiration for health and wellbeing, hence making it even more relevant for healthy living today. For centuries, Indian traditional herbs have been known for their physiological benefits. Hence firming up our commitment to Indian consumers, the new Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range which includes Nutrilite Tulsi, Nutrilite Brahmi; Nutrilite Ashwagandha; Nutrilite Vasaka, Mulethi & Surasa; Nutrilite Amalaki, Vibhitaki & Haritaki; Nutrilite Madhunashini, Shunti & Twak. They support immunity, mental agility, digestion, vitality, glucose and respiratory health respectively. The range brings The Best of Nature, the Best of Science with the Best of Indian Traditional Wisdom, offering assured level of Purity, Safety and Potency of herbs.”

Furthermore, commenting on the initiative, Ajay Khanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway India said, “Today, health and wellbeing has taken precedence over everything else. In line with this we curated an Amway exclusive session with Nutrition and Fitness experts, to discuss on how we can lead a better, healthier life during lockdown. I am proud of our organization, where ‘helping people live better, healthier lives’ has been a core philosophy for over 60 years now. I hope and believe that more people will be inspired by this digital initiative and would adopt healthy practices while staying at home.”

The current global health crisis has fueled is a shift towards living a balanced and healthier life as consumers are seeking optimum nutrition and strong immunity which can be supported by quality dietary supplements, immunity supporting products along with regular exercise. Exemplifying Amway India’s philosophy of helping people live better, healthier lives, the event addressed holistic wellness along with panel discussions on Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Immunity, Nutrition and Alternative Medicine. Highlighting simple yet effective ways to stay healthy, the sessions focused on safe yoga and diet practices helpful in allaying both physical and mental health. The program also saw renowned celebrities talking about their daily routine to stay fit along with sessions guided meditation to relax the mind.

Amway’s Nutrilite is the world’s No. 1* selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand with a strong legacy of more than 80 years in the plant-based approach to supplementation. Leveraging traditional Indian wisdom and best of nature and best of science, Amway launched the Nutrilite Traditional Herbs range keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of the Indian consumers. Made with the best of Indian Organic certified herbal ingredients, the range supports immunity, mental agility, digestion, vitality, glucose and respiratory health.

To make this International Yoga Day even more interesting and fun for our consumers, Amway presented Nutrilite Yoga Challenge #YogaWithNutrilite. It was the time for the direct sellers and consumers to showcase their strength and flexibility. We witnessed participation from 1500 direct sellers and consumers, where they shared their video holding a Yoga asana for 10 seconds. The lucky winners got a chance to win exciting Nutrilite products.

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About Amway India

Amway India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amway with headquarters located in Ada, Michigan, USA. Amway is the world’s #1[1] direct selling company with presence in over 100 countries & territories.

Globally, Amway is 60 years old, US$ 8.4 billion, manufacturer and direct seller of quality consumer goods. Amway’s innovation and industry-leading R&D has seen more than 750 patents granted and another 220 patents pending.  Amway has nearly 500 scientists, engineers, and technical professionals who extend the innovation and science capabilities through 11 locations to deliver global, regional, and local product research and development.

Amway India sells more than 140 daily use products across categories like Nutrition, Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care and Consumer durables through Amway Direct Sellers who make personal recommendations regarding the use of distinctive quality products. Amway products are widely recognized and appreciated for their quality and value. These products are backed by a money back guarantee for 100% satisfaction of use[2]. With the aim of increasing consumer outreach Amway has set up more than 65 Xpress Pick & Pay stores across the country.

Amway products are popular not just in India but across the world. Nutrilite is the world’s No. 1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand[3]. Nutrilite has established itself as a leading brand in the vitamins and dietary supplements category in India as well. Artistry is India’s No. 1 premium skin care brand[4]. Amway India also offers ‘Attitude’, an entry level premium skincare and cosmetics brand targeted at India youth. The product range has been developed taking the needs of Indian consumers into consideration. 


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Amway India unites consumers this International Yoga Day through a unique virtual health and wellness festival

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