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15 June 2024, 12:56 PM

Chicken soup and chicken broth are the miracle winter medicine, says Suguna Foods

Bangalore, 20th October 2020: The winter winds have slowly started blowing and with this comes the season of the flu and the common cold. Instead of considering hibernation this winter, it is best to take proactive steps to boost the immune system. Diet plays a key role in staying healthy, and chicken soup and chicken broth always top the list as they are a good source of protein, Vitamin B and Zinc. Ancient medical practices have long used soups and broths as home remedies as it is a good source of hydration and provides the body with much-needed nutrition.  Benefits of Chicken Soup The salt in the soup reduces the inflammation of the throat and reduces soreness. A hot bowl of soup can relieve nasal congestion and help in reducing upper respiratory tract infections. The protein content in chicken soup is a crucial element for building the bones, skin and blood. When eaten as a wholesome meal, it helps control the number of calories consumed and helps keep a check on weight. Benefits of chicken broth Chicken broth when cooked releases compounds and other essential nutritious products like gelatin, collagen, calcium and magnesium. This helps in improving the gut, reduce joint pain and inflammation, thanks to the amino acids present in the broth.It helps the body with the detoxification of toxins and breaks down the fat. This miracle food works best for the skin, hair and nails as the proline containing gelatin is present in abundance. Nutritionist Ms. Muthulaksmi, Founder-Nutrizone said “Chicken soups and broths have been consumed as a favourite medicine in all our households from time immemorial. We closely monitor our diets during winter and keep a close watch on health to stay healthy and develop better immunity that sustains throughout the season. They are a perfect solution to ensuring the long-term health of a person through better immunity. Drinking those hot works wonders if you have throat congestion.” Cook the soups and broths at high temperatures and consume the same when hot for effective results. 

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Chicken soup and chicken broth are the miracle winter medicine, says Suguna Foods

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