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22 May 2024, 1:16 AM


Minister Muniyappa increased the commission of ration distributor owners to Rs 1.50 paise.

The privilege of implementing “Annabhagya” is mine…Minister Muniappa

Bengaluru: There is a saying said by elders. At present, it is necessary to mention this matter here. There is definitely only one person in this universe who can achieve all-round success through self-effort and that is “YOU”. This speech is very motivating for everyone. It gives both motivation and enthusiasm to achieve the impossible. At that time, the architect of the Constitution, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar said “Democracy is not just a mode of governance. It is a way of living together, a holistic life experience. Actions to give respect and dignity to the fellow human beings…” should be our words and actions. That is why Chief Minister Hon’ble Shri Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister Hon’ble Shri D.K. Under the leadership of Shivakumar, we have taken steps to increase the dignity and respect of the common people.

“Annabhagya” is one of the important schemes announced by our government before the formation of five guarantees. The state government has implemented this important scheme so that the poor in the state should not suffer from hunger. This scheme implemented by the state government for public welfare is a boon to many poor and middle class people.

People of Karnataka are God for us. God assigns some responsibility to everyone in life. He fills the energy accordingly. In my long political life I will never forget the strength and spirit given by the people of the country who are God’s equals. Even the debt of the people of my constituency cannot be paid in this life.

The slogan “Government’s work is God’s work” has been adopted in Vidhana Soudha, the powerhouse of the country. Similarly, considering the work of the government as the work of God, I have shouldered the heavy responsibility of serving the people of the country. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar gave me this responsibility. I have faithfully managed the account given to me as per their expectations.

Our government is committed to prove that “food donation is better than all donations”. As long as our government exists, we will not let the people of the country suffer from hunger for any reason. No matter what kind of challenges we face, we will ensure that there is no shortage of “Annabhagya”. For that, our government has made adequate preparations to satisfy the hunger of millions of people in the country.

Paropakarartham Idam Sariram'' is the motto of our government. No matter what anyone says, the people of the state have placed a lot of faith and hope in us. The people of the country are taking notice of whatever conspiracy the opponents have hatched to falsify this promise. "Annabhagya" scheme will continue without any hindrance and apprehensions for our government.Hunger Free Karnataka” is our mission. Our government is acting accordingly. I have been appointed as Cabinet Minister for the important work of alleviating the hunger of the poor. So I am devoting my efforts for the welfare of people. At present the state government is distributing 5 kg under the National Food Security Act. 5 Kg to be provided by the State Government in addition to the food grains. In the wake of the central government’s refusal to provide rice and our Minister of Food and Women’s Supply met the central government minister and tried hard to bring rice to the state, politicized to provide rice, 5 kg. Instead of rice, per kg Rs. 34/- per beneficiary from July-2023 to house owner of 1.28 crore ration cards through DBT. 4.40 crore beneficiaries from July-2023 to January-2024 Rs. 4411.55 Crores have been successfully transferred in direct cash.

We decided to give free rice to the people of the state, but the central government refused to give it due to non-cooperation attitude. In the wake of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, under the Bharat Rice scheme, one kg. Rice Rs. 29/- was proposed to be distributed at the rate of 29/-, which also failed to reach the people. However, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Siddaramaiah and Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Shri D.K. Our government led by Shivakumar has spoken and will continue to do so.

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