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23 May 2024, 16:53 PM


Bengaluru: PRIDE OF KARNATAKA AWARDS towards dignitaries involved in shaping KARNATAKA over the years.

This is a curtain raiser to the main event to be held on Friday 29 September 2023 of 6 pm at RG ROYAL HOTELS YESHWANTPUR.

Dr.Agarwal Hospitals will be receiving the PRIDE OF KARNATAKA AWARD from organizers ANYELP MR. ZAKIR and MR RUBIN RAJ

Dr. AGARWAL HOPSITALS is over 100 years old with over 4 generations dedicated to eye care in service of the NATION Many innovations have come from the HOUSE OF DRAGARWALS always moving with the times

Under the tutelage of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh was devised the SCHOOL FOR PERFECT EYE SIGHT in PONDICHERRY 1927 Soon the center in MADRAS enjoyed the status of being one of the 24 major eye centers of the world by the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY 1000 LASER CATARACT SURGERY 1994 First eye hospital to be traded in stock exchange 1964

Todays most relevant fopic being AUTOLOGOUS DNA AND STEM CELL THERAPY as an adjunct to AUTOLOGOUS IMMUNE BOOSTER THERAPY Where 1 drop of Blood is taken from the finger of the patient and mixed with MORPHOGENTIC ACTIVATOR OF NUCLEIC ACIDS MARA, thus making the patients own fetal DNA and fetal STEM CELLS within seconds. This is then injected back to the patient Treating fiem of various diseases and anomalies where conservative medicine has nore

18000 Patents penefiting from this treatment over the last 15 years have come from vanous age groups pediatric to geriatric, have come from various strata of Me, have come with various defects on the DNA, have come with various illness and songenital arenates. The bottom line being it may ne may not increase the life span wever it can make a more beautiful more pain free. 

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