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23 May 2024, 18:01 PM


Repos Energy and Cummins India Limited Collaborate to Redefine Fuel Management, Unveil DATUM

Bengaluru: In a ground-breaking collaboration, Repos Energy, a pioneer in the Doorstep Fuel Delivery industry, and Cummins India Limited, a leading power solutions technology provider, have partnered to revolutionise fuel management in India with DATUM X (Data Automated Teller Ultimate Machine). As a part of this collaboration, Cummins India Limited will market and distribute Repos Energy’s DATUM X range of products through its vast distribution network across the country. The association was announced at CII EXCON 2023 held at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre.

Founded by Aditi Bhosale Walunj and Chetan Walunj, and co-founded by Aparajit Subramanian, Repos Energy is on a mission to make all forms of energy available at the doorsteps of end consumers by bridging the gap between supply and demand using tech-enabled innovations.  DATUM X, Repos Energy’s patented technology invention, offers an unmatched suite of features catering to the evolving needs of businesses reliant on diesel applications. With a relentless focus on enhancing operational efficiency and safety, Repos’ DATUM X introduces a transformative approach to fuel procurement. It is an intelligent diesel storage and management machine for DG Set Consumers, offering Fuel Level Tracking, Digital Dashboards, and Safe Fuel Storage at their site.

Currently, customers face multiple challenges while managing their fuel operations including cumbersome procurement processes, fuel pilferage and adulteration, high dead-mileage operations, and unbalanced diesel inventory. Managing fuel requirements for multiple sites through conventional and manual processes locks working capital, contributing to a higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and lower profitability. DATUM addresses these customer challenges by offering a solution that enhances the visibility into the downstream diesel value chain, driving cost and operational efficiency for its users.

Vivek Malapati, Vice President, Distribution Business, Cummins India Limited, stated, “At Cummins, we believe that the path to environmental sustainability involves developing innovative, low to zero-emission solutions for tomorrow while powering the success of our customers through innovation and dependability today. The introduction of the DATUM range marks a significant step in addressing the existing challenges faced by customers in fuel management operations. Our collaboration with Repos Energy further strengthens our efforts to provide convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to our customers, helping them to do their bit for environmental sustainability and emission reduction efforts.”

Aditi Bhosale Walunj, Founder, Repos Energy, highlighted the partnership’s potential to catalyse a fuel distribution transformation, stating, “We are excited to collaborate with Cummins India Limited to offer the DATUM range of products to consumers across the country. This tech-enabled tool will enable end consumers to avail fuel delivery at their desired location with just a click on their phone. It will not only improve easy fuel accessibility for consumers but also help in structuring and organising the fuel delivery industry.”

 Chetan Walunj, Founder, Repos Energy, added “With Cummins India Limited onboard, our intent to take this solution across industries and geographies is only bolstered. We are thrilled to partner with the team, and we are confident that this will be a huge step forward towards achieving our mission to make energy available at the doorsteps of end consumers by bridging the gap between supply and demand using tech-enabled innovations.”

DATUM leverages sensors and digital technologies to provide real-time updates on fuel inventory and consumption across multiple installations. The safe and certified smart fuel storage solution enables remote monitoring of fuel levels, sends alerts when fuel level is low and facilitates 24×7 doorstep delivery of diesel thereby enhancing the efficiency of operations while reducing its carbon footprint. The entire process from fuel ordering to payment and invoicing is digital. The customer benefits from reduced fuel procurement costs, improved management of diesel inventory, higher asset utilisation and assurance of quality and quantity of fuel consumed. This has shown a direct reduction of up to 10% in fuel costs, coupled with a significant improvement in operational uptime.

Cummins India Limited, with its longstanding commitment to innovation and dependability, strengthens Repos Energy’s mission to make all forms of energy available at the doorsteps of end consumers. The collaboration strengthens the commitment of both the brands to offer customer-centric solutions and help them do their bit in reducing emissions today.

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