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15 June 2024, 12:06 PM


Dr.N.Murthy along with party leaders joined RPIB party recently in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: Congratulatory function to RPI (B) National President Dr. N. Murthy joined RPIB Party of India (Dr. BR Ambedkar Party National President Dr. N. Murthy) today  Dr. N.Murthy was felicitated, draped in the blue shawl of the party and honoured by Swamiji Sri Sri Paramapujya SriSree Charamurthy Veerabhadra Mahaswamy of Belimatha by making him a silver mace. N. Murthy was sworn in as the National President of RPI (B) on this occasion. Swamiji addressed the meeting after lighting the lamp.  He said that he will bless Dr. N. Murthy, who has been elected as the national president. Dr. N. Murthy celebrated the sacrifice of his family for four decades. He said that he should grow tall. Through this, he will help the welfare of the downtrodden and the weak. He said that poverty and unemployment have stopped in the country. Illiteracy and ignorance are rampant.  He suggested that your party should work hard to eliminate such inequality.Murthy congratulated S  RPI (B) National President and D.S.M.S.  State President Dr. N. Murthy congratulated the party leaders for electing him as the National President of RPI (B).  75 years have passed since the constitution of India.  Th.ere is illiteracy, unemployment and poverty in the country.  The country is financially bankrupt.  It is ranked 197th in the global economic index.  It ranks 107 out of 121 countries in the hunger index.  However, the central government continues to increase the price of daily food, gas, diesel and petrol without coming to the aid of the poor and middle class.  Kandalaya’s GST has never been imposed before.  Agriculture is not being modernized.  Crop damage due to rain, excess rain and lack of rain have left people reeling.  He lamented that the government was not coming to his aid.

Education, health should be free, unemployment should be eliminated, youth power is being destroyed, we will provide 2 crore jobs per year.  By 2022, we will build better homes for all refugees.  Let’s leave the bullet train.  Meena is being counted on to bring the SCSP/TSP Act at the Center after Modi gave false promises.  In the state, even though SCSP/TSP is pending, Section has been placed in this Act according to which the money allocated for the development of Schedules has been used for other general projects like roads, lakes, bridges, in the year 2022-23, about Rs.  The central government should reserve 60 lakhs of scheduled caste/scheduled class students’ scholarship in the next budget of the central government and the state government according to the number of people of each category.  cut off  Sadashiva commission report should be implemented.  Class 1D of SCSP/TSP Act should be abolished Shelter house, Sakrama, Bagarhukkum, Cultivation Sakrama.  Let the PTCL Act be amended.  He said that our party RPI (B) will conduct a nationwide campaign for the full implementation of the Constitution.  The constitution of the statewide movement has been amended by the political parties at will.  Confusion is being created that we will change the constitution without the will to fulfill reservation and its aspirations and concepts.  Communal and caste conflicts have increased.  Religion is being mixed in politics.  People are dying due to extreme corruption, nepotism, nepotism politics.  There is no strong opposition party at center and state.  This is a big blow to democracy.  On this occasion many parties joined.  RPI (B) RESOLUTIONS Our RPI (B) will conduct a statewide “Protect Constitution, Janandola” campaign from 26,11,2022 to 26.11.2023.  JAIM teams will tour the villages of the state and contest in all the 224 constituencies for the next 2023 assembly elections.  At least 50 lakh membership will be registered in 3 months across the state.  2023.  After the RPI (B) national conference in Delhi in January, several resolutions were passed that the Phase 1 list of candidates for the 2023 assembly elections would be released.

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