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23 May 2024, 18:01 PM


Bengaluru: Inauguration of the first fully organized and modern technology mobile eye hospital in the state and a useful program of 36500 free eye surgeries (a record for a rural eye hospital) Sponsor.

Infosys Foundation Collaboration: Minto Eye Hospital and Regional Ophthalmology Institute, Bangalore Narayana Nethralaya, Bangalore Date: 2-  11-2022 Complete Sri Sharadadevi Eye Hospital and Research Centre, Pavagadalla is conducting eye treatment and surgery very successfully.  Hundreds of patients are visiting this hospital daily, and this project is being implemented in order to increase the scope of this service and to provide appropriate treatment for eye and other common diseases, especially in the view of eye check-up and health check-up of children and students.  With new technology and treatment equipment, this vehicle travels mainly in the rural areas and in the most poor taluks such as Pavagada, Madhugiri, Koratagere and Shira taluks and conducts eye check-ups for thousands of people and provides all kinds of support for surgical treatment.  In the same context, this service project will be implemented in Madakashira, taluks such as Roddam, Peru.  Penugonda, Kalyandurga According to recent reports, eye treatment and vision correction facilities are very scarce in India, especially in rural areas.  Another reason for this issue is that India has one eye doctor for every one lakh population.  Just looking at this one figure shows the deplorable facts of the situation. For the past thirty years, approximately 500 villages in the border region of Karnataka have been serving us with leprosy control scheme, tuberculosis control scheme, blindness control scheme and HIV/AIDS, mental surgery facility for leprosy patients.  , Ear, Throat, Nose surgery facility, Heart health check-up camp every month, Cancer check-up Shivara, Ear, Throat, Nose Exhibition of photographs and documentary films about eye care * Educating villagers and public about eye care > Treatment facility for common health problems > Ear, Nose, Throat treatment Advantages of mobile eye hospital • As the mobile hospital visits the villages which are far away from the urban areas, the villagers  You can undergo an eye examination and get appropriate treatment at your place.  • The mobile hospital has state-of-the-art equipment including Estan so that eye examination can be done thoroughly and only those who do not need surgery will be instructed to come to the hospital.  This will avoid wasting time and money for the villagers.  ·

● Usually, even if a cataract occurs, the patient spends the day with little vision due to negligence or without help to come to the hospital, and then comes to the hospital randomly after the cataract ruptures.  Such situations can be avoided with a mobile hospital.

  A mobile hospital will greatly benefit the elderly, disabled, disabled, nomads and those deprived of medical facilities.  Even people in remote hilly areas can get quality services from mobile hospital.  This is a boon for the children in the schools from the mobile hospital.  Due to lack of medical care and lack of medical services, thousands of children suffer from vision and other eye related defects.  For this reason, this project aims to identify the visually impaired children and encourage them to continue their education and provide them with the necessary facilities.

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