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24 July 2024, 9:24 AM

KPCC Working President Salim Ahmed’s press conference*

A meeting was held yesterday under the leadership of the AICC President, in which many issues were decided.  It has been decided that the upcoming elections will be held under collective leadership.

In the first week of January, all the leaders will travel to 150 constituencies of the state by traveling together in 20 districts by bus.  In this way, people will be informed about many issues including party organization, failure of the government, 40% commission, price hike, voter information theft, unemployment etc.

A convention of Scheduled Castes and Tribes has been held in Bijapur on 30th of this month, on January 2nd in Hubli on Mahadayi issue and on January 8th in Chitradurga.

The date of the bus yatra to be held in the first week of January will be announced in the next few days.  In the next 100 days, we will create awareness among the people against the government’s failure and corruption along with the party organization.

A minority meeting was held today and 55 leaders participated in this meeting.  Ex-ministers, heads of minority units, ex-MPs and everyone together discussed and discussed how to work on the issue of party organization in the coming days.  In today’s meeting we discussed about the deletion of minority votes.  The government has hatched a conspiracy by removing the vote.  We discussed how to fix this in the near future.

BJP is doing this because of the fear of defeat.  Our complaint against Chilume organization has been proved.  In a similar pattern, voter information has been stolen in other districts.

A meeting of 5 zones will be held in the month of January.  We will hold a convention of minorities and backward classes together.

More than 100 applications have been received from minorities to get party tickets, which will be reviewed by the committee and then the revised list will be given to KPCC.  The party will be requested to issue more tickets.

In today’s discussion, the main points discussed were BJP’s corruption, price hike, underdeveloped government, cancellation of minority programs, informing the minority people and appealing to the people to give strength to the Congress party.

When asked about the efforts of JDS, SDPI and OYACI parties to divide the Muslim vote, he said, ‘A small number of voters are enlightened.  Here the direct competition is between Congress and BJP.  He said that the minority was in favor of the Congress last time and this time also they will stand in favor of the Congress.

When asked if there was a discussion about the Muslim Chief Minister, he said, ‘No such discussion took place in today’s meeting.  Our first aim is to bring the Congress party to power, to oust the anti-people government.  He said that we will bring our demands to the attention of the party and the government after bringing the party to power.

When asked if there was a discussion about bringing back the Muslim leaders who left the party, he said, “We have not discussed this today, we have only discussed the issue of voter names, party organization and convention and tickets.”

When asked if one struggle is enough on the Mahadayi issue, he said, ‘This government should be ashamed.  Congress has been fighting continuously on this issue and Karajola has been giving mere statements at daybreak.  No use.  The government is not active in this regard.  BJP had said in their manifesto that they will implement the Mahadayi, Krishna, Mekedatu scheme.  No decision has been taken so far for the implementation of these projects.  He said that he will give 1.50 lakh crore for irrigation.  With only 4 months left for the elections, the government should give an answer on this.  We will ask about this in the session.  He criticized that no matter how much we struggle, this government should not be committed.

When asked whether the number of Muslim MLAs will go into double digits this time, he said, ‘Many times in the past, 12 to 17 MLAs were elected to the Legislative Assembly.  He said that he is confident that more minority MLAs will be elected this time too.

When asked about the Maharashtra border dispute, he said, ‘This is a thick-skinned government.  There is a triple BJP engine government including Maharashtra.  An all-party meeting has not been called on this matter.  The government should take a firm decision.  We will discuss this issue in the session,’ he said.

Asked about the coming of star campaigners from the Muslim community to divide the Congress vote, he said, ‘The minority will vote on the principles of the Congress party.  These star campaigners also came during Sindagi and Hanagal elections.  How many votes did he get though?  In this election, there will be a direct fight between Congress and BJP.  It is a struggle against secularism and communalism.  People are disillusioned with this government.  Which Purushartha should be voted for BJP?  Has the price of cooking gas increased to 400 thousand?  Petrol price is Rs 50 to Rs 100.  Was it?  Is unemployment high among the youth?  Farmers are worried should they vote for it?  Houses are not given to the poor, do you have to vote for that?  People should bless BJP for what a great work.  He should perform a yatra to ask forgiveness of people instead of Janashirwad yatra.  Modi said that we will fulfill your demand by bringing our government.  Hell has shown that they will make the country heaven.  Modi has lied so much in last 8 years.  If an Oscar award is given for lying, it will go to Modi.  Just giving Mann Ki Baat is not enough. If you have the courage, let’s hold a press conference.  If we come to power, we will give 15 lakhs, we will give jobs, he said.  They are saying that they have won the Gujarat elections.  Why not talk about Himachal Pradesh election defeat?  We lost in Gujarat due to our mistake.  We agree with that.  But if he is powerful, why did our party leaders join his party by threatening them through IT, ED?  People will answer all this in 2023 and 2024.  If Gujarat election was won by Modi, then Himachal Pradesh was lost by Modi?  Modi’s contribution if he wins, local leaders responsible if he loses?  This is BJP’s double policy.  People are aware of Modi’s statement.  Congress will come to power in the state in 2023 and the UPA government will come to power at the center in 2024.

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