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22 May 2024, 8:24 AM

AAP appeals to the Election Commission to put a brake on the state government’s machinations in the transfer

Party leaders Brijesh Kalappa, Jagadish V Sadam, BT Naganna, Channappa Gowda Nellore, Suresh Rathore and others participated.

AAP State President Prithvi Reddy appealed to the Election Commission that the state government is following a cunning way to undermine the hope of the transfer policy issued by the Election Commission by temporarily transferring and re-transferring the officers and this should not be allowed.

Speaking to the media, Prithvi Reddy said, “The Central Election Commission has recently announced the transfer policy with the aim of preventing irregularities.  According to this, officials who have been working in the same district for more than three years and officials who are directly connected with the election should be transferred to another district.  But it has come to our attention that the state government is following a cunning way and is undermining the hope of the transfer policy,” he said.

“It appears that the state BJP government is temporarily transferring officers to other districts and then re-transferring them to the original district.  By proving that they have not been in one place for three years, the government is trying to keep them in the same district.  A request has been submitted to the Election Commission to conduct a proper investigation and take action against such a cunning way of the government,” said Prithvi Reddy.

Aam Aadmi Party State Vice President Bhaskar Rao said, “The investigation is at the stage of proving that the BJP has done illegal work in relation to the voter list through the Chilume Institute.  BJP also conducts many types of illegal activities using money, arms and power.  If they lose the election after doing all this, BJP will commit another illegality called Operation Kamal.  Now to add to this, the BJP government is making illegal transfers,” he said.

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