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22 May 2024, 7:11 AM


Bengaluru : Pro-development BJP is in power in the state  Family contempt sure- Nalin Kumar Kateel Vishwas
BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel said with confidence that the people of the state will reject familyism and bring the pro-development BJP government back to power.
While presiding over the special meeting of BJP state office-bearers which started today in Murudeshwar, he said that there are 5 people who can become CM in Congress.  There were two in the past.  It is certain that the people who have observed the Congress street battles will defeat that party and win the BJP.  BJP has resolved to win more than 150 seats in the next elections.  He said that BJP will come to power again.
Sidramanna wins the seat given by DK.  In the same pattern, DKshi finishes Sidramanna’s supporters.  He said that Kharge will work hard to defeat the supporters of both of them, and a fight has started between Revanna and Kumaranna.  That is why Hassan’s candidates have not been announced yet, he said.
Door-to-door contact, delivery of development works to homes, district convention, morcha convention should be conducted.  He announced that the yatras will start in February.
Basavaraja Bommai congratulated Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri for unveiling Veera Savarkar’s photo at Suvarnasoudha.  He is the most imprisoned freedom fighter.  The Congress party is greedy for power, saying that only one family has brought freedom.  He criticized that such fighters were forgotten for politics.
Now the country has changed.  BJP is doing the work of remembering the souls who lived for the nation.  Dr.  Congress did injustice to BR Ambedkar too.  He objected that the Congress party had forgotten and insulted the architect of the constitution and practiced politics of slavery.  He said that the Congressmen who forgot the freedom struggle and insulted the patriots had distorted the history.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel did not respect him.  BJP has done that work.  There is a fake Congress in the country today.  Mahatma Gandhi had suggested dissolution of the Congress party due to the prospect of vote bank and selfish politics.  After 2014, the concept of Utopia is being implemented under the leadership of Modiji.  He said that construction of Ram Mandir and construction of Kashi Corridor has been done in Ayodhya.
Congress has implemented the policy of divide and rule for the politics of terror, appeasement of minorities.  The policy of dividing and ruling by caste, state and province is the Congress party.  Terrorism and extremism were nurtured by the Congress.  He explained that the BJP government has done the work of curbing terrorism and extremism.
He criticized Siddarmanna for celebrating the death of Tipu, a fanatic, proselytizer and murderer for vote banking, which led to tens of thousands of riots.  Savarkar-Tipu demanded that Siddaramanna read his history.  DK Shivakumar, who has a background in hooliganism, justifies terrorism.  Sidramanna had canceled the case of 2 thousand people of PFI.  Farmers’ suicides increased.  Hindus were killed.  However, he explained that compensation was given to the cowherds.
Sidramanna’s government was in favor of cow slaughter.  Looting and arson were in favor.  Sidramanna’s government had supported the sand-land-drug mafia.  He said that all these were controlled by the Bommai government.
DK Shivakumar is on the side of terrorists.  Congress supports anti-nationals.  Congress president does not shed tears for the death of soldiers.  But, terrorists shed tears when they die.  From Nehru to Manmohan Singh, Congress has given corrupt governments.  Shastriji was an exception.  But, he said, the BJP government under the leadership of Vajpayee-Modiji has given spotless governments.
If Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are investigated, they will protest.  If Modiji and Amit Shah are interrogated, we will not go on strike.  Congress only believes in terrorism and corruption.  He accused them of not believing in the law of the land.
Shivakumar has left the politics of rowdyism and joined the politics of terrorism.  People have kept the corrupt people away and are building a Congress-free India.  BJP has won the five state elections, the elections of 2 states.  He analyzed that this is a clear example of becoming a Congress-free country.  He said that people are rejecting the politics of mean-appeasement-corruption-nepotism.
He said that the party has grown into the largest party in the country due to the sacrifices of the elders and said that for the first time the meeting of the state office bearers is being organized here.
BJP victory is inevitable: Kota Srinivasa Pujari
Minister of State Kota Srinivasa Pujari speaking at the inauguration said, Have we informed the people about the achievements of the central and state governments?  Not only that, but in self-respecting India, BJP’s victory in Karnataka politics is inevitable.  For that, Booth win, Shakti Kendras, Mahashakti Kendras have to be made faster, he said.
He said that everyone should work together with the district and state committees.  Kisan Samman Yojana is coming to the poor house without application.  Farmers should be made aware.  All the projects including Ayushman need to be reminded.  Kivimathu said that information should be given about various schemes including increase in reservation, free electricity, education fund.
He said that a clear answer should be given to those who criticize Narendra Modi.  The implementation of pro-poor and pro-poor schemes should be informed.  Feedback should be sought on intuitive plans.  Let it be converted into a vote.  He advised that such an important responsibility is on all of us.
Dalit leaders, Dalit races, Scheduled Castes and Tribes who were suspicious of BJP are now attracted towards BJP.  He said that we should bear the responsibility of converting this into votes.
The BJP administration should inform about the increase in honorarium of Gram Panchayat members, President and Vice President.  The honorarium has been significantly increased on the advice of the State President.  He appreciated that more than 90 thousand people have benefited from it.  138 crores have been released for this, he questioned whether it should not be taken advantage of.
Shouldn’t the general public be convinced of the Tipu Genocide?  Shouldn’t we condemn what DK Shivakumar said about Veer Savarkar?  Questioned, he analyzed Veer Savarkar’s photo unveiling as the strength of the ground of Gandumet.
Intelligence agencies are giving clear indication of BJP’s victory in the state.  He expressed confidence that there is no doubt that BJP will win 150 seats.  Uttara Kannada District President Venkatesh Naik, MLAs Sunil Naik, Dinkar Shetty, Rupali Naik and state office bearers were present.

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