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23 May 2024, 16:59 PM


Mr. Shankar ramalingaiah DSS member and B. Gopal DSS leader showing korengava victory photos at press club in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: Come on Jai Bheem, why are the inferior feelings of inferiority, untouchability and inequality alive in India at this time when man is walking with knowledge and looking for a place in other planets of space for his development.  Who is keeping it alive?  What is the solution to this?  All these questions should be known by every Indian and a permanent solution should be found then we deserve to be civilized, this second Bajira of Veshwas who was ruling the most tyrannical under Varnashram in Harat had an army of about 20 thousand and was ruling with extreme tyranny.  The Mahar community who were constantly oppressed by him, his Aharikara, the leader of the Mahar army prepared to defeat him, Siddhanathan, a team of only 500 men, on 1st January 1818 at a place called Kolengava on the bank of Bhimandi, in just 12 hours, defeated 2800 soldiers by their valiant, self-respecting fight.  Apart from getting their basic rights, the Mahar community was not satisfied with all the rights and privileges they got, but they constantly put pressure on the British to allow the entire Shudra community to live a dignified life.  The first beneficiaries were the backward minority communities of today, as a result of which Mahatma Jyoti Ba Mule was able to get education and opened schools.  Also, through Lord Macaulay, the British started the public education system in India.  Taking advantage of it, Ramji Sakwal got sleep and was able to serve in the army as a Subedar and made Baba Saheb a well-educated person and led to the construction of New India. 

It is the first duty of everyone in India to remember and honor such war and war heroes.  But so far Dalits, OBCs and minorities have lost in realizing this truth.  It is our duty to know this fact and pay our respects to him.  The heroism of our forefathers who won such a terrible war that never happened anywhere in the world, the heroism of the world’s greatest race (Martial Race), who called us inferior and weak, gave a fitting answer to these Vedics, the liberator of our oppressed societies, Bodhi Sattva, Bharat Ratna Baba Saheb Ambedkar, during his studies in England.  After knowing the history of this great war of the Mahar army, till the end of his life, wherever he was, January |  They used to pay their respects to the soup built in honor of Mahar soldiers at Korengava place on the bank of Rayman river.  In order to pay tribute to these Mahar heroes and because we are not behind in the valor of Saha, Saha started an army called Samata Sainik Dal (SSD) in 1927. He guided and led this army to prepare Mahar soldiers in every household through discipline and good character for the defense of the community and the country.  He has called. This party which is running under the guidance of Baba Saheb has saved Baba Saheb many times from those who tried to kill him and in the general election held in 1937, he has won 17 people from the independent labor party founded by Baba Saheb. It is the responsibility of all of us to lead such a party.  Subsequently these sheelas were made laws by Baba Saheb in the Indian Constitution.We have to prepare ourselves to fight against the people who are trying to destroy such a holy scripture, the only way is for all of us to change in a disciplined way and unite in the doctrine, and always work with awareness, law awareness.  A popular movement needs to be created to implement it.  One Mahar Senani from every house should get ready and fight like soldiers and win, as per Baba Saheb’s final message, we should acquire good character and good knowledge and follow the path of Lord Buddha, protect our community and country.  All Bhima brothers are welcome to attend the Bhima Koregaon Victory Program with their families Pay Back to Society Donate to People foundation Karur Vyasya Bank A / c No .: IFSC : UPI Ph : 7899922550 Life should be better than long – Baba Saheb Dalit.

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