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23 May 2024, 17:25 PM


FKGQSI president Mr. B. Umashankar talking to press persons at Bangalore Press club in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru:The Federation of Karnataka Granite Quarry and Stone Industry is a body constituted under the Societies Registration Act . The main object of the Federation is to act as a bridge between the Government and the lessees in easing out the policies on par with the neighboring states . State . As you are aware , quarrying industry is facing lot of problems in our The ornamental stone industry is facing challenges from the neighboring states and other countries when it comes to marketing of the minerals . There is a requirement of certain amendments to the existing policy to compete with the other States and Countries . In this regard , we have already represented and the State Government has formulated certain amendments to the existing KMMCR which is pending for the past couple of years . The main points to be considered while doing amendment case out the grant and marketing as follows : 1 ) In order to have a long term development . production , marketing etc. , the tenure of the lease period requires to be extended on par with GCDR 1999. Similarly , the Building Stone Quarries also require to be extended to 30 years . ) Of late , the Department is seeking for a sketch by incorporating GPS readings .

At the time of the grant of the lease , the corner points are marked manually with the incorporation of the GPS system , variation in the sketch is being found out , resulting in allegations of illegal quarrying , encroachment , penalty , etc. Therefore , one time opportunity to be given to the existing lessees to correct the sketches in order to avoid the allegations of illegal quarrying . 3 ) Simplification of the Rules with regard to the quarrying activity being done in the Private Lands , wherein , the Pattadars are the owners of the minerals available in the Patta Lands . In order to confusions with the various status of the Patta Lands of different areas in the State of Karnataka , an uniform Rules for grant in Patta Lands is requested as One State One Policy . 4 ) At the time of original grant , the land has been identified on the land by chain and other manual methods . There was no mention of RL at that time . Presently , the Government is willing to conduct survey by using DGPS , Drone method to identify the quarrying area to find the quantity of excavation of the mineral . To this , they are utilizing the services of KSRSAC . The map is being drawn by using the RL mentioned in the topo sheet and the satellite images . The quantity is being arrived by the Government by using the latest RL to the already excavated areas , which is resulting in discrepancies in the quantity of excavation . This methodology has made legally excavated minor into an illegal excavator .

Therefore , the present RLs are required to be used as the base line data for the future excavations . The earlier excavation should not be made accounted in this regard . There are many other issues also in simplifying the grant , working of the quarry . Presently , the marketing of the minerals is a challenge as it requires to be compete with the neighboring States and the policies of other countries . Till 2010 our State was No. 1 in the production and marketing of the ornamental stone granite blocks . Of late , it has slipped to 5th position . The other neighboring States are emerging because of our policy . If the policies are properly framed , then we may get back to the 1st place . In this regard , proper policies are required by way of suitable amendments to the existing Karnataka Minor Mineral Concession Rules . This will enable easing out the grant , long term lease , curbing illegalities and upsurge in the economy to the State’s exchequer . The Federation urges for proper framing of the policies to create an industrial – friendly atmosphere in the State so that the State can blossom and attain highest place in this regard .

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