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23 May 2024, 18:04 PM

Karthik bin Prabhakar is our activist and belongs to the PA caste.  Local residents have also filed a complaint against the factory owners Vimal Gupta and Pangazgupta.  Yet nothing has been done so far and the public interest has been ignored.  At the foot of the Violence Against Dalits Act and in the interest of the public interest, we appeal to the authorities to take disciplinary action against them.  We demand that they order the suspension of these two officers immediately.  Requirements: 1. We have investigated the Bliss Chocolate Factory in detail in the pamphlet.  2. BBMP must immediately confiscate the license of Bliss Chocolate Factory in violation of the BBMP laws and cancel the license and file a criminal case against the owner.  3. The Bliss Chocolate Factory should suspend their subordinates, Shivegauda and Praveen, who have been negligent in service, on suspicion of duty.  If this does not meet our demands immediately, we would like to launch our massive protest in front of their headquarters.  With greetings, their loyal Rale of (Dr. R. Chandrasekhar) District President.  Bangalore city district
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