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23 May 2024, 17:39 PM

Government should help RS 250 Cr for Nomadic and Semi Nomadic tribes Corporation

B K Narayana Swami and Tukaram Nagappa Vastar Vice president of Karnataka Tribes Association speaking to media at press club in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru : B K Naranaswami vicr president of Karnataka “Tribes Group 1. For the people of the 46 backward classes of nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes of the backward classes, it is a matter of pleasure that the government has established a corporation and appointed an active president.  2. Infrastructure for nomadic and semi-nomadic families, Self-employment Personal Loan Scheme, Financial Assistance for Self Help Groups, Loan for collaboration with banks for setting up of enterprises, Educational Loan Scheme for Tramp and Semi-Nomadic Students, Ganga Welfare Scheme, Land Buying Scheme for Tramp Farmers, Business Plan  Our nomadic people need to come to the mainstream by providing them with many other facilities, such as training.  3. Nomadic and semi-nomadic people comprising 46 species belonging to Category-I are about 75 lakh in the state and it is unfortunate that the government has given Rs 5 crore 29 lakhs to the nomadic development corporation last time” he said .  4. In this year’s Budget, Karnataka nomadic and semi-nomadic development corporation has requested a grant of more than Rs.  5. The Government must be committed to the overall development of our nomadic and semi-nomadic communities, who have been deprived of the last resort in social life.  According to the information we have received, the beneficiaries of the corporation will travel to 22 districts under the discretionary quota of the board of directors of the corporation.  When the list is filed, the Secretaries of Government, Department of Welfare of Backward Classes.  The President has canceled the discretionary quota and ordered it.  269 beneficiaries are deprived of this order.  I demand that the valid chief direct and his dependents be indirectly enforced by the government.  Reinventing the President’s Discretionary Quota 7. Representatives of the respective constituencies should work in the interests of the nomadic community.  Said.

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