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15 June 2024, 13:10 PM


Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy, Dr.NV. Prasad,Mr Anbu Kumar of KSRTC Managing Director, Satyavati Managing Director of BMTC and MR. Srinivasa Murthy sitting , Hassan workshop division receives award from KSRTC IN Bengaluru.


Hon’ble Transport, Muzral Minister and Chairman, KSRTC and D. Devaraja Urs Truck Terminal launched several programs organized by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation at Bangalore Central Division Depot-2 Premises as part of the Corporation’s 62nd Foundation Day  celebrations.

Bengaluru: The Mysore State Government established Mysore Government Road Transport Department (MGRTD) in 1948 with a fleet of 100 buses.  Under the provisions of RTC’s act 1950, MGRTD became a Corporation in 1961 and came to be known as Mysore State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC).  Since 1973 it is known as KSRTC.  The first bus of KSRTC was retained in front of KSRTC central office as a mark of history.  The bus no is MYF 4101 this bus was built by Bedford coach body Etd., Canada and was run in Bijapura.  This bus was purchased by KSRTC from MGRTD in 1956, renovated and operated.  This bus was used to carry departmental staff and during Savadathi and Banashankari fair time.  Hence, the bus was named as “SRI BANASHANKARI BUS”.  From the starting operation tractor type of Banashankari bus the Corporation has grown by leaps and bounds to operate “Ambari Utsav” A/c Sleeper buses till now.

Today, the Corporation has organized the following programs as a part of its 62nd Foundation Day, which will complement the welfare and all-round growth of the staff and officers of the Corporation and will help in providing adequate transport facilities to the public. 

Release of a special edition internal magazine Sarige Sampada on Shain Scheme.  The Corporation releases its internal magazine Sarige Sampada on the Corporation’s activities once in every three months.  The Corporation is bringing you a Special edition of Sarige Sampada on new Shakti Scheme launched by Government on 11.06.2023.  The special edition contains special articles by senior writers, facilities and effect of shakti scheme, public opinion on the scheme and short poems.  This special edition is launched today.

3. Recruitment on compassionate grounds There is a scheme to provide employment on compassionate grounds to the children of employees who die while serving in the Corporation and the process is currently being expedited.  Today the dependents of 14 personnel who died while in service in the Corporation are being recruited on compassionate basis, out of which 10 dependents are being recruited in technical posts and 4 dependents are being recruited in driver and driver-cum-conductor posts.  The list of newly appointed candidates is enclosed.

4. Sarige Vidya Chetana:

Earlier the corporation was giving scholarship to the children of employees and officers who are pursuing ITI, degree (B.E. B.Sc) and PG courses.  Now the scheme has been revised and the new Sarige Vidya Chetana scheme has been launched to include more qualifications.

Under this scheme, current scholarship is enhanced by 3 to 5% scheme than the previous scholarship.  PUC, BA, B.Com, Ph.D and degree course done abroad have been newly included in this scheme.  This scheme has been computerized for transparency, speed and accuracy.  The details of scholarship given under this scheme are given below.

Refurbishing of vehicles:

During Covid, the corporation experienced financial hardship on account of non-operation of all its vehicles for want of passengers.  Post covid to high demand of passengers, the Corporation could not induct vehicles due to financial constraints.  At this juncture, Corporation devised a unique plan to refurbish its old vehicles which have covered by 9 to 10 Lakh Kms with body defect from June 2022 at its 2 Regional Workshops at Bangalore and Hassan. 

As these Refurbished vehicles are good, attractive and welcomed by the passengers like new vehicles, this work has also been started in the Divisions.  A total of 510 old vehicles including 385 vehicles in two regional workshops and 125 vehicles in 13 divisions have been refurbished till date.  These refurbished vehicles can be operated for another 3 to 4 lakh kms or for the remaining lifetime of the vehicles, which is a testament to the adoption of new modern methods and technologies by the corporation.  A brochure and a documentary film on this innovative refurbishing of vehicles project were released today.

6. Award to Regional Workshop, Bangalore and Hassan, Divisions and Officers for their achievements in vehicle refurbishing work.

The unique refurbishing work has been carried out in Regional Workshops and Divisions and good achievements have been made in this regard.  Regional Workshop, Bangalore has refurbished 192 vehicles and Regional Workshop Hassan 193 and 125 vehicles at Divisions.  These refurbished vehicles are used for operation at Divisions.  For this good work 2 regional workshops have been rewarded with Rs.  2 lakhs each and Divisions with Rs.  1 lakh each.  Likewise, 03 Senior Technical Officers who led the team and supervised this refurbishing work have been rewarded with Rs.  50,000/- each and was honored with a letter of appreciation.

7. Upgradation of Canteen Cooking Equipment at Regional Workshop, Bangalore and Hassan,

Canteens are being run by the Corporation at Regional Workshop, Bangalore and Hassan, as the kitchen equipment’s installed here are old, today an amount of Rs.2 lakhs each to two workshops for their upgradation, to provide tasty and clean breakfast and lunch to the  staff there. 

Launch of Satige Mitra H.R.M.S.scheme.

The Corporation has always been in the forefront to adopt new technology and in this regard implemented computerization of Depots, online leave management system, service book and personal details.  In order to take urgent decisions and manage information quickly and easily at the Central office level, a new Sange Mitra Scheme is being implemented including computerization of attendance leave management, payroll, staff arrival/departure, transfer information discipline, promotion, training and MIS.  This helps in providing more convenience to the staff quickly.

9. Award of silver medal to accident free drivers

Silver medal will be awarded to the drivers who have served 5 years of accident free and default free service.  Silver medals are being awarded to 38 drivers of Bangalore Central Division today.  This silver medal weighs 32 grams with gold plating. The award winning drivers will get a cash prize of Rs.2,000 and a monthly allowance of Rs.250/-.  The list of drivers who have been awarded silver medal today is enclosed. 

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